Sports are nothing without their advertisements

Yo, what's up guys, it's Kai, back again with another media blog. This time I'm gonna be commenting on how advertisements make up more of televised sports than the actual sport itself. Yesterday the Louisiana State (LSU) Tigers beat the Clemson Tigers 42-25 in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T, played in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. The teams didn't simply get into the red zone, they got into the Nike Red Zone. Every extra point or field goal was brought to you by Allstate.  The Premier League isn't much better. Until recently it was the Barclays Premier League (Barclays is a financial service company). All around the field they have video monitors constantly advertising for brands such as Nike, Adidas, Carlsberg, and New Balance. The jerseys players wear also have multiple advertisements. For Example West Ham have Betway (a gambling website) on their chest, Basset and Gold on their shoulders, and Umbro is the provider of all their jerseys includi…

Why Women (and men) need to see women presented as real people

Yo, what's up guys, it's ya boi Kai coming at you again with another media blog. Today i'm gonna be talking about how both men and women could benefit from seeing more female protagonists. While watching Miss Representation, we see how a lot of women in new movies are one dimensional or simply used as sexual objects. Back in the days of black and white the women who starred in movies were multi dimensional, being a temptress, a caregiver, a lover, and so many other things. Today, women don't see themselves in movies as anything other than a clueless girl trying to fit in with the men, or as a sexual object. and it's the second one we need to worry about the most.
When you go down a path of depression and anxiety, you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong, when, in fact, none of it is your fault. When women see themselves as sexual objects in the media, thats how they see themselves in real life. This self deprecation is harmful and could lead the young wome…

Memes are taking over the world

Yo, what's up guys, it's Kai coming at you with a brand new media blog. Today i'm gonna show you how memes are taking over the world one person at a time. We all know that memes are a huge part of our culture, especially as high schoolers, and as well as making us laugh, the also portray many different world views. The "OK Boomer" meme was a perfect example of this. The young people of America felt that the boomers belittled everything that they did simply because they were young, and thus the OK Boomer meme was formed. Through this they showed the American people that just because they're young, doesn't mean they don't have a voice.
Currently we are all making memes and tik toks about WW3 and just making fun of the whole situation. In actuality, its simply a two nation conflict between the USA and Iran. The only way this would turn into WW3 is if many other countries from around the world join in as well. This won't happen. You know why it won…

Is football just a massive commercial for the military?

Yo, what's up guys, it's Kai, coming at you again with another media blog. This week I'm gonna be talking about how both college and NFL football is just one big advertisement for the military. This weekend while watching the Titans play the Patriots, there was a section talking about how one of the Titans' coaches was a veteran. Then I thought back to the beginning of the game where the military members held out the flag, then again to when they had the planes fly over Gillette Stadium.
There are two college football games every year that are the only games played on a specific day. The one that anyone, even if they don't watch the sport, knows that the national championship is the only game played on that day. The only other game that's like that: The Army vs. Navy game.This game is probably the only mainstream college football game that is played pretty much how it was played a hundred years ago. The ground game and running the ball is how both of these team…

Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

Yo, what's up guys, It's Kai, coming at you again with another media blog. This week I was reading an article about the New Hallmark Channel Hanukkah movies, when I came across a term I hadn't seen in nearly a year. "The War on Christmas." The article was written by a Jewish woman and she was talking about a tree that was put up in her town being called a holiday tree. She, and many of her Jewish counterparts, did not actually like this new name. Are you surprised? Im not.
Recently I also saw a CGP Grey video showing that the people native to the continental United States preferred being called American Indian, or just Indian, over Native American. The reason that they don't like Native American? Over-inclusivity. It is the same situation here. The Jewish population felt that the renaming of the Christmas Tree to Holiday Tree was pandering to them, and they don't want to be pandered to. When I spoke with some Jewish people in downtown on Saturday, they sa…


Yo, what's up guys, its Kai, back again with another media blog. In this one I'm gonna be talking about things that I like in certain media. One of my favorite channels on Youtube is Oversimplified. He makes videos about historical events, such as the Three Kingdoms period in China, and you guessed it, oversimplifies it so that a normal youtube browsing person like me can enjoy it. In that video on the Three Kingdoms he did some things that I really liked. First of all, in his introductory segment he uses a narrator to show the beautification of the time period, and then gives a realist perspective, grounding the video in a realistic narrative. I also liked when he was listing the names of the warlords in China, and he said "... and many other names I am definitely pronouncing wrong." That made me laugh out loud, and it gave him a more personal feel, because mispronouncing names is something we can all relate to. Overall I think I like him simply because I love histo…

Jurassic World partnered with Mercedes Benz?

Yo, what's up guys, its Kai, back again with another media blog. This time, Im gonna be talking about product placement in movies. This goes back to what we learned about Madison and Vine in critical thinking. Over the Weekend I watched the movie, Jurassic World. I was expecting the Jeeps that we saw in the original Jurassic Park, and while there were a few shots of those jeeps, there were soooo many shots that started with that Mercedes Benz logo that we all know. In some shots the camera kept the logo on screen when it had nothing tho do with the actual scene. I can understand seeing the logo when the car is being driven, but I don't understand why the logo would stay in the shot 20 seconds after they leave the car. Also, while the kids are in the armored vehicle, every time the shot has Claire in it, we see the logo on the steering wheel. The first time I watched this movie was in theaters and I didn't notice this, but now that I was looking for it I only saw the Merced…